Children’s Ministry

The children’s ministry strives to lay the foundation of Jesus Christ in the lives of our children, while preparing them to live a life sold out for Christ. 


Church Administration Ministry

Our main goal is the provide excellent 24 hour assistance to our Pastors, Elders, and Ministers while keeping BTFM members & the community abreast on current information & maintaining an organized environment for effectively operating the business side of BTFM.


Greeters Ministry

The greeters ministry are the door keepers in the house of the Lord. The greeter welcomes all with a smile, hug or handshake to make all feel at home.


Hospitality Ministry

Hospitality ministry personally welcomes all visitours by serving refreshments, sharing the history of BTFM, and the Word of God.


Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Intercessory prayer ministry is designed to encourage believers to pray and make intercession for others.


KWD Ministry

Kingdom Wealth Distributors (KWD) are passionate members whose goal is to support & supply the kingdom using their talents, time, and treasure to bring about the vision of the ministry.


Media Ministry

Media ministry’s goal is to use the latest technology and innovation to deliver the Word of God and the love of Jesus to the masses.


New Membership Ministry

 New Membership Ministry is charged to embrace, nurture, and welcome the new member; to provide effective, quality up to date information to the new member; to make lasting, positive impressions on the new member.


Outreach Ministry

Outreach ministry’s carry out the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ, as well as the vision of BTFM to our communities. 


Pastoral Armour Bearer Ministry

 Pastoral Amrour Bearers are dedicated men and women who attend to serving the Pastors as they go forth in the Word of God.


P.A.S.S. Minsitry

Powerful and Successful Singles is a ministy dedicated to empowering, education and strengthening single men and women.


Pastor’s Readers Ministry

Pastor’s Readers read and confirm the written Word of God as it is here by preached.


Praise Team & Children’s Choir

 The praise team ministers to our congregation each week in song as BTFM worships the Lord.    John 4:24


PR Ministry

 PR ministry manages internal and external ministry communications and to reach out to shut-ins, college students, sick, and bereaved.


Purity Ministry

Purity is a ministry for children and young adults dedicated to encouraging young people to live a pure life; mind, body, soul, and spirit.


Sanctuary Care Takers Ministry

 Members who maintain and beautify the House of the Lord.


S.H.E.B.A.C.H. Ministry

 A ministry dedicated to worshipping the Lord through dance.


Youth Ministry

The youth ministry provides Biblical education and knowledge of the Bible to todays youth, and to enhance teens relationships with Jesus Christ.

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