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The Alarm is Sounding

Just recently I reviewed a TV commercial for 20/20. This year 20/20 will be celebrating its 20 year anniversary. The commercial was a 45 second glimpse over the top news stories over the past 20 years. After the clip was over with, my husband and I quietly sat for a moment. Then he finally said, […]

A Peace Offering to the World

Today, I can truly say that the whole world is in search of peace. The search is for global peace, national peace, domestic peace, and personal peace. It is unfortunate that our daily news is filled with talks of war or the potential of wars; supposedly, for the quest of peace. Have you ever wondered, “How did the […]

Faith & Three-fold Cord

As a believer in Christ, I find it to be a wonderful thing to experience the joy of being empowered by the Word of God. Let it be known that the Lord loves His people dearly. He is always loving, providing, protecting, forgiving, and building up those who seek after Him. This week I had […]

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